What is Course Correction Leadership?

Leadership that cultivates and harvests collective human resources to help organizations navigate today’s uncertain world.

Identifying, growing, and channeling human resources is the primary role of Leadership. Skillful navigation, improved accountability, and enhanced levels of cooperation are magnified when collective knowledge, wisdom, and creativity are employed. Most leadership literature revolves around building individual capabilities. CCL is about tapping into the often-latent collective leadership resources in organizations.

Why is Course Correction Leadership important?

Cooperative, accountable organizations that are on track are better prepared to
respond to the unprecedented dangers and opportunities of today’s world.

It was ice that sunk the Titanic, the largest passenger ship afloat, on its maiden voyage in 1912. It was a mouse (not the furry kind) that revolutionized the personal computer industry in the 1980’s. What do these two events have in common?  They both involve course corrections. One to avoid the “ice”, and the other to not miss the “mice”.  In a more amplified setting, today’s organizations face ice fields of danger along with oceans of possibility.  Without skillful navigation, an organization is either left adrift and missing opportunities, or is propelling toward unintended destinations with possible dire consequences.

How does Course Correction Leadership work?

By cultivating and deploying positive Collective Leadership Influence through constructive Collective Leadership Influencers.

Like ripples through water, Leadership Influence penetrates an organization. Beneficial Leadership Influence has these characteristics; it must be positive, is both individual and collective, and both indirect and direct. Collective Leadership Influence begins with a Collective Leadership Philosophy, grows through Collective Leadership Processes, and matures with Collective Leadership Judgement.  Who bears responsibility for propelling Collective Leadership Influence? Influence cannot happen without competent Influencers. The three most important are: individuals, teams, and culture.